My Take on Tressel

USC, Alabama, Florida, Auburn, North Carolina, Ohio St. What is in common? They are all big spots on the NCAA radar for infractions. My feeling has been that ALL athletic programs, big small, BCS, mid-major, FBS, FCS, currently has some form of violation of NCAA rules. The infraction could be small (“Hey Joe- Athlete, how about a Big Mac on me.”), or much more significant. Now I say this without any year-long investigation, insider knowledge, or factual report. But rather on the premises of some basic logic and common sense:
1. Where there is big money, there potentially is corruption.
D-I college athletics is a multi-million dollar business with big investors/sponsors, television contracts, and high slaried coaches and administrators.

2. Where there is competition, there is the potential for cheating.
Can you think of a youth sports league that has everyone following all the rules?

3. When there are people with power, there is potential for these people to change their values.

There is a reason why the term “corrupt politician” became popular.

Another thought. The university of Hawaii men’s basketball program was put on NCAA probation back in the late 70’s. This was a program with no money, not in a powerhouse conference, no tv coverage, and all the way in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

So why not Ohio St. and a coach in a vest. There will be more.

Former Ohio St. football coach Jim Tressel

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