Can Wong Make It To the BIg Leagues?

One thing about baseball is for sure, the amount of time it will take to actually work your way up through the minor leagues will make it close to impossible to really get a handle on any possibilities about making the big leagues. If he makes it through the Rookie classification and get to A ball, could he get into slump and lose all confidence? Can he consistently hit with wood over an entire season? Will he be able to adjust to better pitching. Could he be on a team that may teach him a different swing that could screw everything up? That would be my biggest worry.
On the flip side, Wong may ascend the minor leagues with rocket speed. I feel he can be a consistent hitter and that skill will be what moves him up. His work ethic will turn him into a good infielder but I feel that his career in the Major Leagues could potentially be as a utility player. This kid can play all positions as he was an outfielder his freshman year, then a second baseman his last 2 years at UH. Keep in mind he was a catcher in high school. His small stature may actually benefit him at the plate with the smaller strike zone.
I think of former local major leaguer Lenn Sakata who was able to play several years in the “Show” as a utility player. Managers want players that can fill in and not let the talent level drop. Don’t you think Wong would also do well as a pinch hitter? Kolten is definately a better athlete than Sakata was.
This guy can hit and he can hit with power. He would make a great leadoff batter with power, ala Tim Raines. He has a keen eye and can get on base and be a threat to steal.
Face it, if he was 6′ 0′ or taller, everyone would be saying that he is a “sure bet” to make it. So why can’t we say that for a player who is shorter than that. I never understood how height can reduce a player’s skill in the eyes of scouts.
Wong will make it to the big leagues with time to spare. I’m sure there will be a place for him.


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