Another Risky #1 Pick

NBA #1 Pick Kyrie Irving

We all know that the draft, in all sports, is a gamble. The NBA Draft on Thursday was being hailed as a “weak draft” but somehow Kyrie Irving of Duke was being touted as the #1 pick to Cleveland. It proved true as the Cavaliers begin to rebuild.
More and more, it seems that the draft is based purely on potential. In many ways it always is because you never really know how a player will adapt to the next level. Even in the real world, the workforce hires a kid fresh out of college based on potential. My concern or question is where is potential based on.
Back in the good ol days when basketball players played in college and we got to know them, fans could relate the college careers toward potential in the NBA. Now the draft is made up of unknown international players or high school talents that nobody has seen play.
Then there is Irving. He only played one year of college, and only 11 games this past season. Why? He had a toe injury which adds another layer on the gambling table – is he and will he be fully recovered. Just based on that, is he worthy of the #1 pick? What he has on his resume that is a plus is his talent and the fact he was recruited and signed at Duke. If there is any college coach I respect in regards to judging talent and recruiting the right way (I am confident that Irving was qualified to be a student at Duke), it is Coach K. So that fact alone tells me he is bright, mature, and skilled enough for the demanding Mike Krzyzewski to give him the reigns as the freshman point guard.

Maybe that is all that is needed.


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