Clemens in Court: Not Guilty Would Be Not Good

Former Cy Young Winner Roger Clemens

What does the Casey Anthony trial have to do with Roger Clemens? Aside from the fact that these are 2 high profile court cases going back to back, not much. Anthony isn’t what I call a celebrity as some tabloid media credit her. She is one now. Clemens, in the sports world, and definately in the baseball world, is a celebrity. Take away all this legal action and he would have been a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. He was considered one of the best power pitchers in baseball.

But there is an eerie history when it comes to celebrity court cases and the words “Not Guilty”. Oh, that’s the other thing that the Anthony and Clemens cases may have in common. If we think back a little bit to previous high profile media blitz cases – Michael Jackson (child molestation), actor Robert Blake (murder of his wife), and of course O.J Simpson (double murder). Each respective jury found the celebrity as not guilty. Maybe there is something about that celebrity status that creates a wider brush when thinking about reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence. The mere fact that most of us simply cannot believe that “The King of Pop”, “Baretta”, or “The Juice”, could have actually done such horrific things.

Reasonable doubt.

Clemens may have lied and “horrific” may be too harsh a description for it. But perjury is a serious offense and I think is a core value that was violated. He was arrogant due to his star status and I really think that he thought that he would have never come to this point. But I have this eerie feeling that what the public may view as concrete evidence against him may turn into circumstantial evidence.

Clemens may get a slap on the wrist.


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