Would I skip the All-Star Game…yes, if I were Jeter

Yankee All-Star Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter just got his 3,000th hit in a 5-for-5 game and was on top of the baseball world.  Now he is getting reemed for passing on the All-Start game.  There is the tradition, the World Series home field advantage, and the honor of being selected that is all being thrown at the Yankee captain.  How could he, of all people, one of the good guys in professional sports, who seems to do everything right, skip this time honored tradition and let the fans down?

I’d do it if I were him.

Yes, I do agree that he is letting down the fans especially after his milestone accomplishment.  Unlike the Pro Bowl where fans want to see the Super Bowl players, the NHL, NBA, and MLB all-star games have fans just wanting to see the stars and the guys who are hot and in the news.

But Jeter is tired.   And first and foremost, he is a Yankee and he wants to do what is best for the team.  He is a veteran player who has had to endure the added stress and preoccupation of getting #3,000 for this first half of the season.  He has endured injuries which caused him to miss games and added to the pressure.  Do you think he would want the time off?

The game being in Arizona doesn’t help.  The thought of traveling across the country on Monday, play an inning or 2 on Tuesday, then traveling back to Toronto to catch up with the team for their next game on Thursday, I’m sure weighed in on the decision.  Time is better spent staying at home, resting his calf and veteran body, and preparing for the final push in the 2nd half of the season.

Do players get paid a lot? Yes.  They also do not get any days off.  In June the Yankees had only one day off in which they were not either playing a game or traveling from California or Cincinnati.   Most months are similar.  Then throw in the promotional work, charity appearances, and other demands that would fall on the lap of a superstar like Jeter, and that leaves little time for anything else.

Derek deserves a break.

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