Why Are We Investigating Arnold?

Gib Arnold

A little shock was felt when word got out that Hawaii basketball coach Gib Arnold was “under investigation”. Oh no, was it relating to his days at USC under then head coach Tim Floyd? Could there have been, in only his first year, a recruiting violation? Did a Rainbow Warrior sell a t-shirt?

Word has it that a disgruntled player with limited playing time (need I go on), filed a complaint that Arnold was using excessive punishment. Specifically that players who missed mandatory meetings or classes had to run 5 miles at 5:00a.

Is there a problem?

If a student receives financial aid in the form of a scholarship, aka free money, then there are some different standards that need to be upheld. First and foremost is that they attend their classes. Last time I heard, this was sort of the norm for any college student – sign up for a class, attend class.

As an NCAA student-athlete, your scholarship comes from the athletic department. Which means the head coach, who is paid to win and ensure that his players are model student-athletes, generally has some basic high priorities – recruit good athletes, win, and do the best to ensure that they have the opportunity for a good education. So if Arnold gives a scholarship to a player who is not following the rules, a scholarship that could have gone to someone else, he has a ton of authority to execute his level of discipline. Arnold also has an obligation to play the best players to win.

So if this player sits on the bench and does not like it, AND doesn’t attend classes, he can be relieved of the need to wake up at 5:00a, and he can turn in his uniform on his way out.



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