Friendship and loyalty was downfall of Jo Pa

On this afternoon’s show I broke the news that legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno had been fired by the school’s Board of Trustees amid the sex abuse scandal alleged to have been done by long time former assistant Jerry Sandusky.  Paterno was considered, and I too agreed, to be the perfect and true representative and what college athletics and a football program should be – clean, respectful, tough, competitive, and fair.  His record on and off the field justifies all this and speaks for itself.

I remember Sandusky’s name back when they won the 1986 National title by upsetting Miami and their powerful offense lead by Heisman winning QB Vinny Testaverde.  It was noted that Sandusky was one of the best at his craft, designing defensive game plans that could defeat any opponent.  Sandusky was to take over as head coach whenever Paterno retired.  They had coached together for over 30 years.  Over 30 years of loyalty in which Sandusky gave to Paterno when he was being lured elsewhere.

We know our friends, especially our dearest and closest friends, to be truly good people.  Why else would we be friends?  Sometimes we look up to them, admire them, respect them.  We know who they are, what they stand for, and why they do what they do.

If someone told you that your dearest friend did what Sandusky did?  Would you believe it?  There is noway that MY FRIEND would do those things, right?  This cannot be true.

Would you then pursue the process to ensure that police officials and other law enforcement would arrest him, take him away, and force him to resign his job, a job he has loved for 3 decades?

For Jo Pa, this friendship and loyalty to him, and the University, was his downfall.

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