First Victory is Sweet

We can all say this together – I have joined the world of Fantasy Football.  I will be honest, I resisted getting involved because I have always considered myself a former athlete (albeit high school, but I got my letter) and that fantasy players were those of the non-athletic type, intellectuals of the sport who could not experience the trials and tribulation of actual athletic competition.

Now add me, older adult male unable to actually compete in athletic competition anymore without risk of injury to body, mind, and soul.  That is where Fantasy comes in.  I entered a league with my colleagues from ESPN 1420 with a $20 entry.  Need to develop a business plan on how to recoup that money.

Now with online services it is easier (another reason I stayed away from it, I’m lazy and didn’t have the time to do the research and work) and time and effort into maintaining a team are almost none.  Technology to the rescue, I simply watch my phone.

I don’t even know most of the players on my roster.

The draft was fun.  I was a total rookie – printed sheets of player stats.  Didn’t really need them.

Best part is, gives me a great reason to engage in conversation with my 16 year old son (he helped me build my roster).

Started off season 0-2.  Thought this Fantasy was full of it as I prepared to save my pride with excuses as to why I never played before.

Got my first victory this past weekend, in resounding fashion.  I smell CHAMPIONSHIP!


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