I’m Back…and in Sacramento


No not permanently. But taking some leave in the capitol of California. Went to the Capitol Building the other day, a very impressive building with 19th century architecture including the dome-like top similar to the nation’s Capitol Building. Inside it was part Iolani Palace and White House. Or at least what I think the White looks like on the inside. Well, the California Capitol does have a West Wing, although their historic wing is on the South side.
Going to visit Sacramento State tomorrow as my hotel is walking distance to the campus. Went by the other day, good athletic facilities. In fact I am quite impressed with their facilities considering that they area FCS, or Division I-AA school. I still refer to the old categories, call me old school.

Need to buy a Hornet’s shirt for my kids.

I will be back on the radio next week…with possibly some news for you.


Allow Me to Keep Up with the Speed of Technology


A friend and other cohorts introduced me to blogging. Listeners of my radio show on ESPN 1420 AM were asking if I had a website or were able to listen to podcasts of past shows. Now that I am on summer hiatus until August, I thought, in my infinite wisdom, that now would be a great time to start this up.

Websites and SEO – I wanted something simpler. What is SEO?

Blogs – doable. But it had to be easy.

Podcasts – as long as it was easy to do.

I am so simple and low maintenance. So here it is. And as I get better at this, watch out tech world!