Nowitzki is the MVP, but Kidd was the key


Jason Kidd

If you read a previous post I stated that if the Mavericks were going to be successful, the key was how Jason Kidd would react and his leadership ability to have his teammates jump aboard his train. The results of the NBA Finals justifies my theory.

Keep in mind that I am totally behind the fact that Dirk Nowitzki is the best player on that team and deserved the Finals MVP. But when he was 1 for 12 shooting in the first half, who do you think was right there with him in support to keep shooting and feeding him the ball? Kidd. Great players like Nowitzki can get themselves out of a slump on their own. But it is when you are in the Finals, not just a regular season game, and not just any game, but a game clinching Game 6b on the road. Jason Kidd was in his ear and by his side, and pumping Dirk up during timeouts, halftime, and warmups. Remember, to the all-star player, not any teammate can really keep you motivated. Do you think if Tyson Chandler was telling Dirk to “keep shooting, you are alright,” that it would have the same impact versus coming from a 17 year veteran all star and co-captain?

Congratulations to the Mavericks, the better team with a good leader.


Kidd is the Key


Yes, I just watched game 3 of the NBA Finals, the 2 point victory by the Heat in Dallas. Watching the post game show with my idol Magic Johnson as one of the analysts, I have to partly agree with his analysis. For Dallas to recover and win this series, their other starters must play at their best to support Nowitzki because Miami has more talent.
My personal spin on it is that I specifically look at the veteran Jason Kidd as the key for Dallas. I have always fallen in line with this way of thinking:
1. The point guard is the most critical position on a basketball team
2. Veterans have deep influence on the performance of the team.
At this point in his career, he is not able to stay with D Wade defensively on every possession. Then again, who can. But he is there with him and that tells me his years in the NBA and high basketball IQ gives him enough supplemental weapons that his legs did 7 years ago. And he will make plays when it is most needed, like in the last 2 minutes. Do you notice how quickly he can see a teammate down the floor and whip a pass down the court, even on a shot clock violation?  There will be a big play coming soon for the Mavericks.
There is one person on a team that can get the other starters to perform on a higher level – the respected veteran. The head coach can demand it. But in the NBA, the respected veteran can bring it out.
The key for Dallas is how Jason Kidd will perform, and how well HE can get his teammates to jump on his train.